Pash One
About Us
Pash One believes in adhering to proven methodologies, developed from best practice, to insure success. Our goal is to create the right application, using the necessary technologies, and deliver it with detailed documentation and full knowledge transfer. This is done so the client will be able to support and maintain the application, without the need to keep the consultants on for the life of the system.

Our professionals work closely with you to help solve your business problems, reduce costs, and perform more efficiently in an increasingly competitive and dynamic business environment.

All development goes through the following phases:

For any project to be successful we must fully understand your organization, its culture, aims and objectives and perhaps most importantly your customers, prospective customers and business partners. By gaining this understanding we will be able to deliver the most beneficial solution.

The success of any project usually comes down to the planning. We will establish a clear plan, deliverables and timescales for all stakeholders involved.

Delivering appropriate information and functionality is key to achieving a successful web presence. During pre-build, the information architecture is defined, along with the design and technical content. Wire-frame layouts may be created so you can see how information will be displayed. Our designers will produce design concepts and our developers will deliver a technical specification document. Once agreement has been reached, this stage is signed off and work can begin on building the project.

Throughout the entire development of the project, you have 24-hour access to the work in progress. All Pash One web solutions are thoroughly tested in-house prior to pre-launch customer testing.

Once the project has been completed to satisfaction the project will be signed off and the site will be launched. This can be timed to coincide with other marketing initiatives to maximize impact.

To maintain the impact of your web presence we provide an ongoing support service to ensure that your web site continues to reflect your organization's aims and objectives.